Episode 13: Opioids, Pot and Pain

Episode 13: Opioids, Pot and Pain

There’s a crisis in this country of opioid addiction and overdose death, and it’s tied intimately with how we respond to pain.

Original Medical Marijuana O.G. Louisiana

Episode 12: The Medical Marijuana O.G.

Even though we’ve talked about how California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, we were WRONG! It turns out an unlikely deep South state was technically the first state to legalize.

Willie Nelson

Episode 11: Willie Nelson: America’s Favorite Pot Smoker

Country music legend Willie Nelson is known for a lot of things, including his unabashed love for marijuana and his advocacy for legalization. Ann Marie sat down with Willie to talk about his decades of activism, and his hopes for the future.

Bonus: Live From Boston

It was a night to remember: The On Something team headed to Massachusetts for our first-ever live episode. Ann traded notes on legalization with three reporters from the Boston Globe’s cannabis team.

Episode 9: Equity in Illinois

Episode 9: Legal Weed As Reparations?

The war on drugs is still alive and well, and the people most often caught in the crossfire are black and brown. Now that weed is legal in many states, most of the people making money off weed are white. We look at how legalization might benefit communities of color and repair harm caused by the war on drugs.

Episode 8: CBD: The Hype and the Reality

CBD is everywhere these days, but a decade ago it was largely unknown. Martin Lee, one of the founders of the California nonprofit Project CBD, helps us unpack how the CBD craze got started, what makes CBD promising and whether the hype is justified.