Funny Business, Shenanigans and Chicanery

Funny Business, Shenanigans and Chicanery

Mildred Barnes Griggs wanted to get into the cannabis business to help revive the economy of her hometown. What happened next raised a lot of questions.

On Something Art: Black Owned


Massachusetts won national praise for being the first state to legalize recreational weed with an eye to equity. Since then, the reality has been more complicated.

On Something A Laboratory For Fairness

A Laboratory For Fairness

This season, On Something explores the pursuit of social equity in the cannabis industry, and what it can teach us creating a fairer society.

My Family On Something

LIVE: My Family, On Something

Some seriously talented storytellers share anecdotes about those times when family and drugs collide.

The Creative Brain On Drugs

Episode 18: The Creative Brain On Drugs

Does cannabis make creative people more creative? Members of the bands Tanks and the Bangas and Chicano Batman share how weed plays into their process, while a neuroscientist breaks down the mysteries of the creative brain.

Episode 17: Cannabis On The Menu

Episode 17: Cannabis on the Menu

Chef Harold Sims, winner of Cooked With Cannabis, shares his story and doubles as our guide to the world of infused foods.

Pot Smuggling 2.0

Episode 16: Pot Smuggling 2.0

Investigative journalist Chris Walker takes a deep dive into a massive smuggling ring that passed itself off as a legitimate cannabis business in Colorado.

On Something: Drug Test In The Delivery Room

Episode 14: A Drug Test In The Delivery Room

When Gale had her first child recently, it set into motion a chain of events that highlight the ways legal cannabis can still clash with policies meant to protect children.